Home & Contents Insurance

Home & Contents Insurance

Our homes, belongings and even investments reflect who we are as people – they’re as individual as we are. It’s why Resilium offers a range of flexible Home and Contents Insurance policies to ensure you get the right cover for what’s important to you and suits your individual needs.

Who is it for?

Anyone who likes to take to the road with their caravan or trailer should consider Caravan and Trailer Insurance.

What does this insurance cover?

Typical policy benefits might cover:

  • Flood cover (depending on location)
  • Regardless of the age of your home and contents, your old is replaced with new

Accidental Damage, Home and Contents Insurance

Rather than listing individual items for your insurance cover, Accidental Damage Home and Contents Insurance has higher limits for valuables and offers protection for special items like jewellery, artwork and collectibles as well as your portable contents and valuables when you’re holidaying in Australia and New Zealand. Benefits typically include:

  • 30% extra cover if replacement costs exceed what your home is insured for under the Safety Net home protection
  • Higher limits on your jewellery, paintings and silverware, so you don’t have to list as many high-value items
  • Automatic cover for accidental loss or damage, both in your home and also anywhere in Australia and New Zealand for up to 185 days

Landlords Home and Contents Insurance

If you’re a landlord, you’ve already made a serious investment in property. However, it doesn’t matter how careful you are at selecting tenants, you can’t be expected to monitor what’s happening to your property daily. Landlords Home and Contents Insurance protects your investment property against damage caused by tenants and loss of rental income along the way. Benefits typically include:

  • Protection for rental income if your tenants default on their rent or your home is damaged (limits and conditions apply to this cover. Please see the Product Disclosure Statement)
  • Protection for theft and malicious damage by tenants
  • Flood is usually covered automatically as a result of rain, storms, rising rivers, flash floods and flooding from faulty household items and pipes.

Strata Residential Insurance

We’ve made protecting your property easier, with Strata Residential Insurance. With this cover, you’ll have the confidence of knowing your residential buildings under a strata, group, body corporate or community title are covered for the building and common contents (if you choose this cover).
You’re also covered for expenses ranging from paying exploration costs to find a leaky pipe source to accidental damage. Strata Insurance can also provide:

  • Temporary accommodation for up to 12 months if a unit in your building cannot be lived in due to damage
  • Up to 12 months of the unit owner’s rent if a tenanted unit in your building cannot be lived in due to damage
  • Legal liability cover up to $10 million.