Landlords Insurance

Why Landords Insurance?

It doesn’t matter if you own one investment property or a portfolio of properties, having the right insurance cover in place to protect your source of income is vital.  With landlord insurance in place, you can protect your investment and gain peace of mind.

Whilst standard home insurance policies do not typically cover many of the situations which can arise during a tenancy, comprehensive landlord insurance does.

When you take out landlord insurance, for example, you can get cover for the loss of rental income, accidental property damage, intentional or malicious property damage and damage caused by environmental factors, such as flooding or fire.

However, landlord insurance doesn’t just cover physical damage to the property. If your tenant breaches their contract and is unable or unwilling to pay their rent, for example, a landlord insurance policy can cover the income you’ve lost. Similarly, if a tenant refuses to vacate your property at the end of their lease, landlord insurance can cover the loss of rent whilst you pursue court action and formal eviction processes.

Whether you’re renting out a small family home or multiple apartments, landlord’s insurance gives you the security you need. Of course, finding the right policy isn’t always easy. With a specialist landlord’s insurance authorised representative, you can ensure you’re getting the best policy for your needs.

Experience & Knowledge

With in-depth experience, knowledge of the market and professional expertise, an landlords insurance authorised representative will determine which policies offer the best coverage and which insurers provide the most cost-effective option.

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